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Lindsey Stirling

I found these videos on youtube a couple days ago and fell in love with her music.  It is incredible!! 🙂

I hope you like it as well.



Christmas (two months early)

     I know it is a bit…well…a lot early, but I just had to share one of my favorite Christmas songs! 🙂

     I hope you enjoy!



Thankful for Fall


       I just had to share this picture!  It really likes like our backyard almost! 🙂  Anyway, I hope ya’ll have a wondeful Fall!! 🙂

   (I know, short, but sweet 🙂



Found it…

I finally found the picture with Sean Bean in it! 🙂  It was in the middle of my pictures (I have a ton of them) 🙂   I thought this picture was…well….rather interesting. 🙂


Fiona Elizabeth Everest

How Star Wars IV should have ended…tehe

     The ending of this video had my sister and I in stitches.   

     We are going to be watching the Revenge of the Sith movie tomorrow, and my sister says that I will be crying my head off.  I think I agree, the end of Anakin sounds *winces* rather painful.


     Fiona Elizabeth Everest

Pure and Simple

     Lately I have been trying to find the good and simple things life brings our way.  And to my surprise, there are a lot,  and I never even acknowledged them. 

     My favorites are, taking walks in the rain (another then being pure and simple, it is a 100% free),  reading books, making tea, watching children play, blowing bubbles,  napping (I could sleep all day),  running down a steep hill (it is the adventurous person in me), trying new hair does,  watching my sister do the dishes (I don’t know why, but I have always like watching people do dishes, maybe it is because I am not the one doing them *shrugs shoulders*), looking at different fingernail polishes,  staying up late,  talking with my sister, and the best of all, eating anything chocolate.   

       As you can see, I found a lot of things I enjoy that are Pure and  Simple, and for me this is rather large step, because I am a pessimist by nature, and trying to find good things is very difficult at times. 🙂

     What are you’re favorite Pure and Simple things?

     Bye for now,

   Fiona Elizabeth Everest


Devoted Zits Admirer

I love the comic-strip Zits, it is my second favorite, the first is Baby Blues.  Anyway, I find this comics very funny, and pretty close to actual reality.

I also found some Zits comic strips in video form (much easier than finding actual pictures I am telling you) and I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Toy Story In Reverse!


My sister and I were watching the Prince Caspian trailor in reverse (which is very funny by the way) and we came across these two clips and it had us cracking up! 🙂  I hope you like them.

BTW,  they are very, very stupid. 🙂


Prince Of Persia (One of Disneys better movies)

Last night I watched the Prince of Persia for the first time.  And I must say it was much better than I thought it was going to be. 🙂  Here is a clip and the trailer.


The sad thing about this is, I like Han better, but it looks like Kirk would win this one. 🙂

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