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Pure and Simple

     Lately I have been trying to find the good and simple things life brings our way.  And to my surprise, there are a lot,  and I never even acknowledged them. 

     My favorites are, taking walks in the rain (another then being pure and simple, it is a 100% free),  reading books, making tea, watching children play, blowing bubbles,  napping (I could sleep all day),  running down a steep hill (it is the adventurous person in me), trying new hair does,  watching my sister do the dishes (I don’t know why, but I have always like watching people do dishes, maybe it is because I am not the one doing them *shrugs shoulders*), looking at different fingernail polishes,  staying up late,  talking with my sister, and the best of all, eating anything chocolate.   

       As you can see, I found a lot of things I enjoy that are Pure and  Simple, and for me this is rather large step, because I am a pessimist by nature, and trying to find good things is very difficult at times. 🙂

     What are you’re favorite Pure and Simple things?

     Bye for now,

   Fiona Elizabeth Everest



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4 thoughts on “Pure and Simple

  1. Naneth on said:

    You are one of my favorite pure and simple things. Just being with you! I love you, Mom

  2. Reading my little sister’s blog. Kissing my baby. Cuddling my girls. The first cup of coffee in the morning. The second cup of coffee in the morning. The third cup of coffee in the morning. Holding a good book in my hands. Painting anything. Knitting. Crocheting. Gardening. Iced peppermint tea. The fourth cup of coffee in the morning. Putting my kids in bed for the night. Sunshine. Moonlight. Swimming. Snow. You!!

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