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Me + Photofunia = CRAZY!

Sorry about not posting sooner, but I have been very busy of late. 🙂   So…to get on with the post.  My sister recently found a website called and you can go and change your pictures into the craziest things. 🙂   So here are some pictures that I did.  Oh, and my computer has a small glitch or something so I can separate the pictures while I am doing this so I will just number them and stuff. 🙂

1.  The jolly bunny saver and lollipop thief,  I look rather…odd don’t I?

2.  Don’t tell my Mom that I broke a window… 🙂

3. …okay…kinda creepy…

4.   *grins* I couldn’t resist doing this one.

5.  Now you know what I did this winter. 🙂

6.   I don’t think a Jedi would be grinning right before a battle.  Unless of course he was mentally deranged.

7.  …this one made my hair look bad…well so did the first one. 🙂

I did actually have one were I was on the cover of a movie with Sean Bean in it but I couldn’t find it. 🙂


Fiona Elizabeth Everest.


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2 thoughts on “Me + Photofunia = CRAZY!

  1. That eye pic is creepy!! Love the Jedi pic though. 😀

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