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Winner of the Caption Contest

The Winner of the Caption Contest is….

Lilacgirl!  Congratulations!!

Here were her answers:

1. Waaaa! I don’t wan’t to wear the fish costume! I wanted to go as Jonah!
2. Alright, who took my chopsticks?
3. Mr. Gorilla just couldn’t decide. Which did come first? The chicken or the egg?
4. I promise I will stop chasing you up the tree. Please just don’t flip me again!
5. Dude! why can you have sunglasses but I can’t? It’s bright out here!
6. Girl~ I wonder if he knows there is a spider crawling up his shirt? Guy~ I could really use a smoothie right now.
7. Hey! If I hold really still and cross my eyes I can count my whiskers!
8. What is a bunny doing in the middle of the battlefield?
9. Guy wispers~ The voices tell me that there is a burger joint up ahead! Girl~ I knew it! He is crazy!


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2 thoughts on “Winner of the Caption Contest

  1. Lilacgirl on said:

    Thank you! I am honored that you like my quirky jokes!

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