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Just for fun Caption Contest #1

 I hope you all enjoy it, good luck. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Just for fun Caption Contest #1

  1. 1. But I’m not sleeeeepy! ‘Yes, you are.” No, I’m not…
    2. Be quiet, nobody move! I think you just stepped on a mouse.
    3. I prefer Plato.
    5. (purposeful mispelling, Just say it aloud) NEW, new new new newnew. I will Not, *I* re-fews!
    6. Uh, I’d stop talking now, fella – he’s right behind you…
    7. Oh, look, an insectile parasite…
    8. *snniiiiiiiiiiif* say WHAT?
    9. Robin: Oh, yes, you did! Maria: I did NOT! Robin: Yes, you DID! Maria: No, I – Robin: You did TOO make that dress out of drapery. And what’s that around your neck – a hair ribbon!?
    ~ Ëarwen (nice, sis)

  2. Lilacgirl on said:

    1. Waaaa! I don’t wan’t to wear the fish costume! I wanted to go as Jonah!
    2. Alright, who took my chopsticks?
    3. Mr. Gorilla just couldn’t decide. Which did come first? The chicken or the egg?
    4. I promise I will stop chasing you up the tree. Please just don’t flip me again!
    5. Dude! why can you have sunglasses but I can’t? It’s bright out here!
    6. Girl~ I wonder if he knows there is a spider crawling up his shirt? Guy~ I could really use a smoothie right now.
    7. Hey! If I hold really still and cross my eyes I can count my wiskers!
    8. What is a bunny doing in the middle of the battlefield?
    9. Guy wispers~ The voices tell me that there is a burger joint up ahead! Girl~ I knew it! He is crazy!

  3. 1. Next time you dress me up like this, at least let me have my coffee first.
    3. So…Charles Darwin is my nephew?
    4. You rub mah tummy, I be your friend for life.
    5. Feel the wind in your ears!
    6. Wait a sec, I have something in my ear.
    7. Did you just call my Puss?
    8.Not again
    9. So….what?


  4. 1# *singing terribly off kye* “I wonder why I’m not in the opera! Really I do!
    2# Jack: “I wonder if I should cut these off, after all I never get any compliments about how dashing I look!”
    P. s. I’ll come back and the the others later 😀

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