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~Vellvins Tag~

I was on my good blogger friends blog and she did this tag and said anyone could do it so…here it is. 🙂


You need to do yourself and two other people (historical, fiction or anything like that).

Have fun.

I tag:




and Elandai

What do you use most to communicate?

Fiona:  Email and Phone.

Robin Hood:  Messengers! *rolls eyes*  Is there any other way?

Legolas:  My bird from below.

What’s your favorite music?

Fiona:  Classical and Celtic and anything by Klaus Badelt!

Robin Hood:  War Drums.

Legolas: My singing.

Would you move to another country?

Fiona:  Of course!

Robin Hood: I have done enough traveling.

Legolas:  I am.

What’s your hobby?

Fiona: Knitting, and reading.

Robin Hood:  You think everyone would know by now, ‘elpin the bloody POOR!!!

Legolas:  Keep your temper Robin, mine is looking in the mirror.

If you could be present anywhere, at any point in history, where would you go?

Fiona Everest:  …Medieval Times.

Robin Hood:  I don’t know, I am from medieval times.

Legolas:  Right were I am thank you.
What’s your favorite color?

Fiona: DARK red.

Robin Hood:  Green, duh!

Legolas:  Anything that is a beautiful hue of blue!
If you had a favorite animal, what would it be?

Fiona: Anything small cute and cuddly.

Robin Hood:  A good sturdy Horse.

Legolas:  A very large bird that will do his masters bidding…that is all I could think of Fiona so don’t give me that look!

If you had a motto, what would it be?

Fiona: Waste not want not.

Robin Hood:  WE ARE ROBIN HOOD! (You will only get this if you have seen the BBC Robin Hood Series)

Legolas:  Beauty Is BETTER!

If you suddenly had a million (tax-free) dollars, what would you do?

Fiona:  Go to Starbucks 🙂

Robin Hood:  Give it to the deserving poor of course! *haughty sniff*

Legolas: Buy lots of hair products!


What’s your favorite literature?
Fiona: I am not a big fan of  literature, but I kinda like some Poems. 🙂

Robin Hood:  Anything Friar Tuck reads us.

Legolas:  Anything Elven…or human for Aragorns sake.


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2 thoughts on “~Vellvins Tag~

  1. I loved your answers! 😀 🙂

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