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Library, Haircuts, and Shopping

Yesterday after I posted, my Mom took my sister Mirriam and myself to the Library.   After she dropped us of,  she went to the bank so we had about…a 10-15 minute window to get stuff, which isn’t all that bad. 🙂  But when your like me, you want to look at every single book to find something new, but I ended up just getting The Tale of Desperoux and the movie Candleshoe, which I personally love. 🙂   After this, Mom went to get her hair cut, so we ended up doing her shopping.  🙂  We had to get…green onions, a lemon, diced ham, and grated parmesan cheese to put in the Navybean Soup, that was totally awesome last night.   Oh but while we were on the way back to our car, I over heard a lady talking on the phone and she had just had her car stolen!!  I felt so sorry for her. 😦 

I better go post on my other blog now before everybody wakes up with my typing. 🙂


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