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I got bored today so I decided to make a tag of my own.  Anybody can take it but I give it to,






Calico Zak

Who is your favorite movie character:  Faramir from Lord of the Rings.

Who is your favorite book character:  Alec from my sisters book.

What is your favorite food:  Does chocolate count?

What is the last thing you did:  Emptied the dishwasher.

When did you last go to a grocery store:  Yesterday afternoon.

Do you like to dance:  Yes.

Do you like to be a goof sometimes:  Sometimes if I have to much sugar.

Do you do skits for your family:  I did when I was little.

Favorite dessert:  Anything chocolate (except, Mud slide ice cream, and Rocky road ice cream.)

Favorite game: Uno Attack.

Favorite thing to do with your family:  Going on trips.

What do you want to be when you grow up: A chef.

Hats or Scarves:  Scarves.

Jeans or skirts (you don’t have to do this one Calico Zak :):  Jeans.

Regency or Medieval times:  Regency.

Hobbits or Elves:  Hobbits definitely.

If you fell and broke a bone, which would you rather have, a broken leg or a broken arm:  Oh and arm I guess.

If you  could sing in the opera would you:  Oh yeah.

Favorite drink: Hot Chocolate.

Paris or London: London for their architecture or Paris for their foods.

Running or walking: Walking fast.

What is your favorite colour: Black.

Favorite weapon:  Guns.

What is your favorite subject in school: Algebra and History and my Spanish course.

Is this getting to long:  My fingers are getting tired…

(last question)  Favorite place that you have gone in the world:  Seattle.


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2 thoughts on “Bored

  1. Thanks! I will try to do it ASAP.

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