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A Much Needed Post

I am so sorry for abandoning you all!  I have been sick for two weeks and I don’t like posting much when I am sick. 🙂  But I honestly have been doing nothing but reading and watch tv shows on the computer.   But I did watch some really good tv shows on

I Love Lucy

Our Miss Brooks

and The Beverly Hilbilles.

Oh and Star Trek. 🙂

And I read:
Anne of Avonlea

Ann of the Island

 and I am currently reading Anne of Shaddy Poplars. 🙂

I also read two baby blues and one family circus comic books. 🙂   

  I haven’t been all that bored, which is a miracle for me, I get bored very easily.   I also started high school this week. 🙂 I like it so far, but I think I am not going to like it soon. 🙂  My sister tells me that algebra stinks. 🙂  I don’t blame her for thinking so AT ALL. 🙂  Also it is my very good friends birthday,


She is a wonderful girl, funny, friendly, warm, kind, and a fellow Christian. 🙂

Here is her blog address 

I also went shopping  while I was sick *shudders* but I did get some really awesome outfits, and guess what, Value Village is a gold mine!  My M0m found a pair of  jeans that in a store would cost  $120 but we got it for $1.50!  It was a half off day, I also got a sweater, a jacket, another pair of jeans, and four shirts. 🙂 I am wearing a long-sleeved shirt right now…for some odd reason I am freezing and outside I think it is in the 80s or 90s.  Well I better go now, dinner should be pretty soon. 🙂

Oh and I have some new favorite songs I would like to share with you: 
Even though I am a major anti-twilight, I love the soundtrack…I just had to tell you because of the song below.

1. Bella’s Lullaby

2. Redrum 3.0  by immediate music

3 heart beat of man by X-Ray dog

4. Set the world on fire by Britt Nicole

5. One and the same by Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez

6. So far so great by Demi Lovato

7. This is me by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

8. Fly to your heart by Selena Gomez.

There you go…


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4 thoughts on “A Much Needed Post

  1. I love most of those songs and shows!

    Another show you should check out is Green Acres – absolutely hilarious, although you’ve got to watch the first episode to “get” the rest of the seasons. 😉

    Are you feeling better? I hope so. 🙂
    Came over from Eldarwen’s blog… Definitely enjoying yours!

    • Oh I have heard of that, Okay I will check it out. 🙂
      Yes, I am no longer sick but my Mom is. 🙂
      Why Thank You I am glad you are enjoing it. 🙂
      I will go and check out your blog. 🙂

  2. Maralie on said:

    Glad you are back!!

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