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Day By Day

Today was fun!  I woke up around…oh…ten thirty (due to the fact that my Dad is on a work trip and we get to sleep in) and heard that Mirriam and I were invited to Starbucks with my older sister Mar, and to see my Grandma, who has to live in a Nursing Home, because she has a lot of complications.   But, other than that, she was in good spirits, and very happy to see us all.  She has a hard time walking, but today she was doing great!  I am so happy.   At Starbucks we had a ball, reading to my nephew and talking.  It is fun just to go out and talk, you know what I mean?  And then we came home, and now are watching my favorite movie, Lord of the Rings.  We are going to watch one today, one tomorrow (which is when my school starts) and one thursday, and friday my Dad comes home! 🙂   


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  1. Sounds Awesome!

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