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A young lasses tale of today:

Okay today got up at six o’ clock in the morning (like I always do), when nobody else is up and listen to my MP3 until 6:40, then I get up empty the dishwasher (quietly because everybody is STILL asleep) and make tea and the coffee then go to my room, make my bed, while listening to Jeeves and Wooster on my CD player, then at 7:15 I got dressed, then we had our Bible Study (because everybody is up now) 🙂   And then I ate breakfast (homemade granola) and then I went to the Library and Starbucks with my older sister. 🙂 And then…really, the rest of the day was uneventful. 🙂  I am starting algebra soon (oh goody) 🙂


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2 thoughts on “A young lasses tale of today:

  1. Naneth on said:

    Feels really good to get things done early in the day, doesn’t it! I love you!

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