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My personal view on UnModest clothing

I have a hard time being modest belive me.   But I think this is unmodest if you don’t think so, please feel free to comment.

Tight pants

Mini skirts

Short shorts

Spaghetti straps

Tank tops

To low of shirts, You should max out at around two inches below the collar-bone.

To tight dresses

Transparent clothing

Pants with wording on the rear


There you go.  🙂

If you want to learn more on the subject from a guys point of view go the they have a modesty poll up.


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10 thoughts on “My personal view on UnModest clothing

  1. Naneth on said:

    So, if I read you right, this is what you think is modest… but since I don’t think you do, you might want to PROOFREAD your work before you publish it! ;}

  2. Chrisy on said:

    these are some of the ones that you put out that I wouldnt call modest:
    Mini skirts,
    Short shorts(I love short-shorts! but there not that modest),
    Transparent clothing,
    Pants with wording on the rear(hate it),and Bikinis.
    Im not trying to choose what you should wear or not wear, but this is what I wouldnt call modesty. 🙂

    • YIKES!!! I TOTALY MESSED UP!!! That is my view on UNMODEST clothing YIKES YEEPES!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder my Mom left that comment…

  3. So right.
    I’ve tagged you.

  4. No harm taken. I knew what you meant.

  5. Monica on said:

    I’m glad you meant unmodest! 🙂 SO glad!!!! 🙂 😀 :o) :oD


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